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Write for Us: Share Your Passion for Pets with Our Community!

Do you love pets? You can write captivating content that resonates with other pet lovers. We want to know if you are interested! We are always looking for new writers who can contribute to our pet website.

Why write for us?

Display Your Expertise – Whether you are a vet, pet trainer or a knowledgeable pet owner, this platform allows you to display your expertise and knowledge in the pet world.

Our growing pet enthusiast community will allow you to share your love of all things feathered, furry, and scaly with a wide audience.

Share your knowledge, experience, and advice to make a difference. You can have a positive influence on pet owners around the world. Your words can inspire and educate people, whether you are sharing stories about your pet, giving advice on how to train them, or talking about the latest trends.

The Things We Are Looking for:

Original Content: Our goal is to find fresh and original content, that hasn’t previously been published. We welcome all formats, as long as the content is relevant for our audience.

Write in an engaging style: We are looking for content that’s informative, easy to read, and entertaining. We encourage writers to express their unique voices, whether they have an affinity for story-telling, humor, or research.

Imagery of high quality: Images are a vital part of the experience with pets, and we recommend that you include them in your articles as often as possible. If you want to bring your articles to life, use eye-catching images.

Topics we accept guest posts for


All about dogs


  • Cat breed
  • Cat training
  • Cat Health

All other topics about cats

All other Pet-related blogs

Requirements to accept guest posts

  • There should be no plagiarism in your article and no use elsewhere
  • The article should be a minimum of 1000 words or more.
  • There should be quality and original content.
  • Make sure your article should be grammatically correct.
  • Use minimum 1 image optimized (webp format, size less than 50kb)
  • For SEO purposes: use headings, sub-headings, bullet points, and focus keyword should be bold.
  • You are permitted to insert 2 links to your page

Thank you for reading this. The submission price of your article is about 1000 pkr. Make sure this is a paid guest post website and you can’t get a free guest post backlink.

If you are interested then contact us through WhatSapp: 03176713929