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Showtime Dog Food Review

What is Showtime Dog Food?

ShowTime Dog Food is a dry food efficient brand for dogs’ health. Mid-South Feeds created ShowTime Dog Food, a dry food brand. A skilled dog nutritionist develops its formulas. The brand designs the products to meet the nutritional needs of dogs at different stages of their lives, such as growing puppies, adult dogs, and dogs of all ages.

Showtime dog food performance formulas

Dog food formulas are carefully designed to provide the nutrients dogs require to live healthy and active lives, regardless of their activities or lifestyle.

Showtime dog food formulas are made with high-quality ingredients, such as real meat, whole grains, and essential nutrients. These formulas provide optimal nourishment to fuel your dog’s activities, maintain muscle health, and contribute to their overall well-being.

  • ShowTime Premium Kennel Formula 21/12
  • ShowTime Advanced Endurance Formula 31/22
  • ShowTime Premium Performance Formula 27/16
  • ShowTime Premium Performance Formula 27/20
  • ShowTime Premium Performance Formula 24/20
  • ShowTime Chicken and Rice Kennel Formula 24/14

ShowTime Premium Kennel Formula 21/12

This formula was created for adult dogs who have light to intermediate activity levels. It has 12% fat and 21% protein.

ShowTime Premium Kennel Formula 21-12

Key features:

  • Packed with Protein: 21% high-quality protein from meat supports muscle growth, recovery, and overall well-being.
  • Balanced Fuel: 12% healthy fats from chicken fat provide sustained energy and nourish skin and coat.
  • Essential Nutrients: Fortified with vitamins (A, D, E) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, zinc) for strong immunity, healthy bones, and general health.
  • Trusted Expertise: Veterinarians, breeders, and dog enthusiasts rely on this nutrition for optimal canine health and performance.
  • Active Lifestyle Support: Formulated with the nutrients essential for energetic dogs, ensuring peak physical condition and vitality.

ShowTime Advanced Endurance Formula 31/22

ShowTime Advanced Endurance Formula 31/22 is an exceptional dog food designed for active dogs with high energy requirements.

ShowTime Advanced Endurance Formula 31-22

Key features:

  • High Protein: Rich in animal proteins (31%) from sources like chicken, turkey, or beef to support muscle development.
  • Balanced Fat: Contains 22% healthy fats, including chicken fat and fish oil, providing sustained energy.
  • Essential Nutrients: Fortified with vitamins E and C, glucosamine, and chondroitin to enhance immune function, joint health, and overall well-being.
  • Professional-Grade: Trusted by trainers, competitors, and dog owners to improve performance and endurance.
  • Energy Booster: Provides optimal nutrition for active dogs, including working dogs, competitive athletes, and those with active lifestyles.

ShowTime Premium Performance Formula 27/16

ShowTime Premium Performance Formula 27/16 is a high-quality dog food designed for active and athletic dogs.

ShowTime Formula 27-16

Key Features:

  • Protein-packed: 27% protein from animal sources, supporting muscle growth and repair.
  • Fat-rich: 16% fat, including chicken fat and flaxseed, for sustained energy and healthy skin and coat.
  • Nutrient-boosted: Enriched with vitamins, minerals, and omega-3s for immune support, joint health, and overall well-being.
  • Veterinarian-approved: Trusted by professionals for its quality and effectiveness.
  • Performance enhancer: Delivers the nutrition for dogs in agility, hunting, or other demanding activities.

ShowTime Premium Performance Formula 27/20

ShowTime Premium Performance Formula 27/20 is a top-notch dog food designed to fulfill the nutritional needs of active dogs.

ShowTime premium Formula 27-20

Key features:

  • High Protein: Contains 27% protein from high-quality animal sources.
  • Balanced Fat: Provides 20% fat from healthy ingredients like chicken fat and fish oil.
  • Essential Nutrients: Enriched with vitamins (E and C), glucosamine, and chondroitin for overall health.
  • Trusted Choice: Preferred by dog trainers, handlers, and owners for its reliability.
  • Performance Booster: It Delivers the nutritional support that is necessary for exceptional performance in active dogs.

ShowTime Premium Performance Formula 24/20

ShowTime Premium Performance Formula 24/20 is an exceptional dog food blend designed specifically for active dogs with demanding physical needs.

ShowTime premium Formula 24-20

Key features:

  • Optimized Nutrition: Features a balanced 24% of high-quality animal proteins (e.g., chicken, lamb, fish) and 20% of optimal fat (chicken fat, flaxseed) to cater to their energy requirements.
  • Essential Nutrient Powerhouse: Enriched with vitamins A, D, E, and omega-3 fatty acids for overall health and vitality.
  • Trusted Reputation: Highly acclaimed by dog owners for its premium quality and focus on performance nourishment.
  • Performance Booster: Supports the needs of working dogs, competitive athletes, and active dogs, providing the nutritional foundation for their physical exertions.

ShowTime Chicken and Rice Kennel Formula 24/14

ShowTime 24/14 is a dog food specially formulated by expert nutritionists for both professional breeders and everyday pet owners. Its premium chicken and rice ingredients ensure optimal physical condition and overall well-being throughout your dog’s life.

ShowTime chicken & rice Formula 24-14

Key features:

  • Real chicken and rice for nourishment.
  • 24% protein and 14% fat for sustained energy.
  • Vitamins and omega-3s for healthy skin and a sleek coat.
  • Professional-grade quality ensures exceptional performance.
  • Supports the overall health and vitality of dogs throughout their lives.

Ingredients in showtime dog food

The specific ingredients in ShowTime dog food can vary depending on the formula and product line. However, here are some common ingredients found in ShowTime dog food:

  1. Chicken meal
  2. Brown rice
  3. Corn gluten meal
  4. Chicken fat
  5. Fish meal
  6. Beet pulp
  7. Flaxseed
  8. Brewers rice
  9. Lamb meal
  10. Whole grain sorghum
  11. Dried plain beet pulp
  12. Pork meal
  13. Rice flour
  14. Natural flavor
  15. Salt
  16. Potassium chloride
  17. Choline chloride
  18. Vitamin E supplement
  19. Zinc sulfate
  20. Ferrous sulfate

Percentage values of ingredients

Here’s a sample table outlining the ingredients in ShowTime dog food along with the percentage values of nutrients:

Ingredient Protein (%) Fat (%) Fiber (%) Moisture (%)
Chicken Meal 28 15 3 10
Brown Rice 18 6 2 12
Corn Gluten Meal 32 8 4 10
Chicken Fat 20
Fish Meal 30 14 2 8
Beet Pulp 8 2 8 12
Flaxseed 18 12 16 10
Brewers Rice 14 4 1 11

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How to Choose the Right Showtime Dog Food

The right dog food can make a huge difference to the health of your pet. It can be difficult to choose the right dog food for your companion when there are so many choices on the market. Do not worry! This comprehensive guide will help you understand the important factors to consider when choosing ShowTime dog foods to keep your dog healthy, happy, and vibrant.

A. Consider your dog’s age, breed, and activity level

Consider your dog’s breed, age, and level of activity when choosing ShowTime dog food. Like humans, dogs also have different nutritional needs based on their age, breed, and activity level.


Puppy power: ShowTime formulas for growing puppies are specially designed to help them grow. The formulas are typically higher in protein and contain essential nutrients that support growth and development. Excellence in Adults: Choose a ShowTime Formula for adult dogs based on their life stage. Choose options with balanced nutrition for optimal health and vitality.


Size matters When choosing ShowTime dog foods, consider your dog’s size. For example, large breeds can benefit from formulas that support joint health or prevent obesity. Smaller breeds might require smaller kibbles for better digestion.

Activity level:

Pup Energizer Is your pup a ball of energy and always up for an adventure? ShowTime formulas that are higher in protein and fat will fuel your active lifestyle. These formulas will provide you with the energy needed for peak performance and endurance.

B. Look for high-quality ingredients

Quality is the most important factor when choosing ShowTime pet food. You should look for high-quality formulas with ingredients that will provide your dog with the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Protein Powerhouses:

MEAT, MEAT, MEATS: Make sure that meat appears as the number one ingredient in ShowTime’s dog food formulations. Animal proteins such as chicken, beef, and turkey are the foundation for healthy muscles.

Healthy Carbohydrates:

Grainy Goodness: Choose ShowTime dog food Formulas that include wholesome carbs like sweet potatoes, brown rice, or oats. They provide essential nutrients and energy.

Essential Fats:

Healthy fats Look for ShowTime products that contain healthy oils from chicken fat, flaxseed, and fish oil. They are essential for healthy skin, coat, and brain functions.

Check for allergies or intolerances

It’s important to identify any allergies or intolerances before choosing ShowTime dog foods for your pet. Be aware of your dog’s reaction to specific ingredients, and select formulas that suit their needs.

Allergen Awareness:

Know your Dog Be familiar with any allergies or sensitivities you might have. Some of the most common allergens found in dog foods are grains such as corn, wheat, and soy as well as proteins like chicken or beef.

Limited Ingredient Options:

Simplify the Menu If you know that your dog is allergic or sensitive, ShowTime dog food has limited ingredients. The formulas have fewer ingredients to make it easier for you to avoid allergens.

Grain-Free Alternatives:

Grain-Free Goodness For dogs who have grain sensitivities ShowTime has grain-free alternatives that are made from alternative carbohydrates like lentils or chickpeas. The options available provide your dog with the nutrients they need without grains which may be uncomfortable.

Feeding directions for showtime dog food

The amount required of food will vary depending on breed, size, and activity levels. Keep a constant eye on your dog to find out what he/she needs. This is just a suggestion. Make sure that your dog has plenty of clean.

Body Weight Daily Amounts
5-10 lb. 0.75-1.25 cups
10-20 lb. 1.25-1.50 cups
20-30 lb. 1.50-2.00 cups
30-40 lb. 2.00-2.50 cups
40-60 lb. 2.50-3.00 cups
60-80 lb. 3.00-3.50 cups
Over 80 lb. 3.50-4.50 cups


Key features of Showtime Dog Food

  1. Nutritional Value: ShowTime Dog Food offers exceptional nutritional value. It provides dogs with balanced food that is tailored to their dietary requirements. The formulas are carefully created with the highest-quality ingredients including meat, grains, and vitamins. ShowTime provides essential nutrients for your growing puppy, active adult, or senior dog.
  2. Tasting and Palatability: Not only is ShowTime dog food nutritious, but it’s also tasty! ShowTime dog foods are available in different flavors and textures to suit even the pickiest eaters. Each bite, whether it’s savory beef or mouthwatering chicken, is bursting with taste and texture, so your dog will look forward to meals every day.
  3. Accessibility: ShowTime’s premium dog food is affordable and accessible for dog owners with all types of budgets. ShowTime knows that feeding your dog high-quality food shouldn’t be expensive. They strive to keep prices low without compromising quality. ShowTime dog food is the perfect way to feed your pet with high-quality ingredients while staying within your budget.


ShowTime dog food is a great choice for pet owners who prioritize their furry friends’ well-being. Its key strengths lie in its nutritional value, appealing taste, and affordability. ShowTime ensures optimal dog health by offering a balanced diet packed with real meat, nutritious grains, and essential nutrients tailored to dogs’ developmental stages.

Its diverse range of flavors and textures cater to even the pickiest canine palates, making mealtimes a pleasurable experience. Despite its premium quality, ShowTime dog food remains budget-friendly, enabling pet owners from all financial backgrounds to provide their beloved companions with the best possible nutrition. By choosing ShowTime, you can rest assured that your dog is receiving the essential nourishment and enjoyment they deserve.


Is showtime dog food good?

ShowTime dog food is known for its high-quality ingredients, balanced nutrition, and catering to specific nutritional needs at various life stages. The product is subjected to rigorous quality controls to guarantee consistency and reliability. This ensures the effectiveness and reliability of owners.

Where is showtime dog food made?

First of all, ShowTime Dog Food is made by Mid-South Feeds, a Georgia-based company that has been producing high-quality animal feeds since 1991. Additionally, this dog food line is formulated by professionals who understand canine nutrition and is specifically tailored to meet the differing needs of dogs based on their activity levels and life stages.

Furthermore, it contains premium proteins such as poultry and pork, along with essential nutrients and chelated minerals for optimal absorption. Moreover, the formulas also include natural ingredients like whole wheat, chicken fat, corn gluten meal, flaxseed, and beet pulp.

What is the nutritional value of showtime dog food?

ShowTime Dog Food, a canine nutrition brand, offers food formulated for various dog age groups, including puppies and adults. Each formula contains high levels of essential nutrients, protein, fat, chelated minerals, and energy. Some recipes contain menadione, a vitamin K form that can cause liver problems, red blood cell issues, allergies, and other health concerns.

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