Teddy Bear Haircut for Dogs: A Guide to Adorable Grooming

Imagine that you could turn your dog into a soft teddy bear. This sounds so cute, doesn’t it? That’s what the Teddy Bear style for dogs is all about.  If you own a dog, you know that cleaning your dog regularly does more than just make them look great. 

This article will discuss the cute world of teddy bear haircut for dogs, which are currently very popular in expert dog grooming. You’re in the right place if you’ve ever been on social media and found yourself looking at pictures of fluffy dogs that look like plush toys.

As we start this fluffy trip, please make yourself comfortable and bring your pet if they are not already on your lap. What do you know? After reading it, you might want to make an appointment with a local groomer or even grab your own grooming kit!

Let’s get started, shall we?

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What is a Teddy Bear dog Haircut?

To do this style, you need to trim your dog’s fur around its face to make it look like a teddy bear’s head. Additionally, the body fur has been cut shorter but still looks fluffy. As a result? Your own live, loveable teddy bear that you can hug and cuddle.

However, there’s more! Not only does this haircut look great, it also does something useful. It keeps your dog’s fur soft, stops them from sweating, and may even help them stay cool in the summer. 

What’s Great About the Teddy Bear Haircut for Dogs?

There might be a question running in your head as to why you’d want your dog to look like a teddy bear. Well, The teddy bear dog cut does more than just make your dog look cute.

Firstly, this style only needs a little care, which is excellent if you are a busy pet owner. It keeps your puppy’s fur from curling and tangling, so you can spend more time playing with your cutie and less time cleaning him. 

Secondly, it’s a beautiful way to showcase your doggie’s unique personality. Whether you have a wild dog or a nice, cute puppy, the Teddy Bear cut can be changed to fit your dog’s type.

So, if you want a haircut that looks good and works well, the teddy bear haircut for dogs can be the best choice for your dog.

Which dog breeds look good with the Teddy Bear haircut?

There is no one-size-fits-all teddy bear haircut. This style looks better on some breeds than on others. Do not worry; we have already done your work! Primepaws Grooming Academy says the teddy bear cut for dogs is often given to purebred and mixed-breed dogs.

This style looks great on Poodles and Doodles specifically. Their curly hair and expressive eyes make them look like stuffed animals that have been trimmed like teddy bears.

Another breed that looks great with a Teddy Bear cut is the Shihchon, which is a mix of the Shih Tzu and the Bichon Frise. They look great in this style because of their fluffy clothes and cute faces.

Still, remember that every dog is different.
Whatever kind of dog you have—a breed or a cute mutt—the key is to make a look that fits their unique features and personality.

Poddle vs Golden doddle teedy bear hair hair cut dog

The Process of Giving a Teddy Bear Dog Haircut

Although it might seem hard at first, you can get good at giving your dog a teddy tear haircut with some practice and time. Here is a simple step-by-step guide to giving your dog a teddy bear cut:

  • Clean and dry your dog first: Make sure your dog is clean and dry before you start trimming. It will be easy to cut this way, and the trim will be more even.
  • Trim the body: The body fur is usually cut to about 3/4″. This may be different for you and your dog depending on its breed.
  • Shape the head: A round head is essential for the teddy bear look. To make this shape, carefully cut the hair around your dog’s face.
  • Clean up the face: The face should be rounded off and carefully mixed into the beard.
  • Trim the paws: Don’t forget the paws at the end! To finish the look, they should be carefully trimmed.

Remember that it’s always best to get help from a professional groomer if you’re not sure how to do this or feel safe doing it yourself.


Teddy Bear Dog Cut: A Maintenance Guide


Maintenance Task Frequency Tips
Brushing At least once a week Use a brush suitable for your dog’s fur type. Brush gently to avoid hurting your dog.
Bathing Once a month Use a dog-friendly shampoo. Avoid over-bathing to prevent skin dryness and irritation.
Trimming Every 6-8 weeks Regular trimming is essential to maintain the teddy bear look. If you’re not sure how to do it yourself, you might want to go to an expert groomer.
Diet Daily Feed your dog a balanced diet rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids to promote healthy skin and fur.


This table provides a concise guide to maintaining a teddy bear cut for dogs. It outlines the main tasks involved, how often they should be performed, and some helpful tips for each one.


DIY Teddy Bear Cut for Dogs: Tips and Tricks

Cutting your dog’s hair into a teddy bear shape at home can be fun. You become closer to your furry friend and save money on cleaning fees. To make sure the experience is suitable for both you and your pet, you should approach the task with care and patience.

Check that you have the right tools before you start. You will need decent dog scissors, a comb, and a clipper. You might also find a cleaning table useful, but it’s not necessary.

Before you do anything, make sure the dog is clean and dry. This makes their fur easier to work with and evens out the work. Also, before you start trimming, make sure your dog is calm and comfy. You could give them a treat to make the journey more fun for them.

Before you start cutting, make sure you do it slowly and carefully. First, trim the body fur to about 3/4″ all over. Next, work on the head. For a teddy bear look, the head should be round, so take your time shaping this part.

Lastly, don’t forget to give your dog lots of praise and comfort during the process. This will help them stay calm and make it more fun for both of you.

The Benefits of a Professional Teddy Bear Haircut for Dogs

While DIY grooming can be a great option for some, others may prefer to leave it to the professionals. This is true for a number of good reasons.

Second, they have access to high-quality grooming products and tools that the normal pet owner might not. It’s possible for this to make the pet look better-groomed.

Third, professional groomers know how to style and shape your dog’s fur to make it look best with their breed and face. This means that if you want a teddy bear dog cut for your dog, a professional groomer could be the best choice for you.

However, whether you choose the DIY route or opt for a professional service, the most important thing is that your dog feels comfortable and happy throughout the process. After all, grooming should be a positive experience for your furry friend, not a stressful one.

perfect teddy bear dog hair cut

Teddy Bear Dog Haircut: A Comparison with Other Popular Cuts

This table can compare attributes of the teddy bear cut dog with other popular cuts like the Puppy cut, Lion cut, and Schnauzer cut.


Dog Haircut Style Length Maintenance Suitable Breeds
Teddy Bear Cut Short-Medium Moderate Most breeds
Puppy Cut Short Low Most breeds
Lion Cut Varied (Short body, long hair and tail) High Breeds with long, thick fur (e.g., Pomeranian, Chow Chow)
Schnauzer Cut Varied (Short body, longer legs, and beard) Moderate Schnauzers, similar breeds


Common Misconceptions about the Teddy Bear Cut Dog Style

There are a few myths about the teddy bear dog cut that pet owners often believe. Let’s break down some of these.

Myth 1: Only some breeds can have the Teddy Bear Cut.

People with fluffy dogs like Poodles, Shih Tzus, and Bichon Frises look great with the teddy bear cut. But that doesn’t mean people with other breeds can’t rock this style. The teddy bear cut can be changed to fit most breeds, and the results can be just as cute.

Myth 2: The Teddy Bear Cut is Only About How It Looks

Even though the teddy bear cut makes your dog look like a cute plush toy, it’s not just for looks. This style is also useful because it can keep your dog’s fur manageable, cut down on shedding, and even keep them cool in warmer countries.

Myth 3: The Teddy Bear Cut is Difficult to Maintain

Any haircut needs some work, but the teddy bear dog cut is easier to take care of than many others. Regular brushing and occasional trimming should keep your pup’s fur looking neat and tidy.

Transformations of real-life Teddy Bear Dog Haircuts

Now, let’s look at some real dogs that have changed into teddy bears.

Case 1: The Shih Tzu Bella

Bella was a beautiful Shih Tzu with long, flowing fur. Her fur was pretty, but it got dirty and tangled easily, so her owner decided to give her a teddy bear cut. The result was amazing! Not only did Bella look so cute, but her new haircut also made grooming her much easier.

Case 2: Max, the shepherd dog

Max was a playful Labradoodle with a thick, curly coat. His owner liked the way he looked without any work, but it was hard to take care of him when it was hot outside. Max looked cute and seemed to be more comfortable after getting a teddy bear cut.

It looks good on a lot of different dog breeds and conditions. If you want to make grooming your dog easier, help them stay cool, or just give them a new look, you might want to think about getting this style.

real dogs having teddy bear haircut

Taking Care of Your Dog’s Fur After Getting a Teddy Bear Cut

Getting a Teddy Bear haircut for your dog? Make sure you know how to take care of its fur so it stays in good shape.

Regular Brushing: 

Brushing your dog’s hair at least once a week, or more often if they have longer hair, is important to keep it from sticking and tangling. It also helps spread natural oils, which keeps your dog’s coat shiny and healthy.


Giving your dog a bath is important for keeping their fur clean and fresh. But don’t bathe them too much, as this can remove the natural oils from their skin and make it dry and irritated. Most breeds only need a bath once a month.

It depends on how fast your dog’s hair grows and how you want them to look. Every 6 to 8 weeks, you should trim their fur to make them look like a Teddy Bear.

Healthier Food: 

A healthy diet helps keep your dog’s fur and skin healthy. Make sure your dog eats a balanced diet with lots of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

More information about the Teddy Bear Dog Haircut

If you want to learn more about the teddy bear dog haircut, you can find a lot of information online. Here are some best ones:

Online lessons: 

If you want to do the cut yourself, there are a lot of great video lessons on YouTube that show you how to do it step-by-step.

Dog grooming books:

There are many books that teach you everything you need to know about cleaning dogs, such as how to do different cuts like the teddy bear dog cut.

Pet grooming forums: 

These are great places to find a lot of useful information. Other dog owners can give you help, and you can even get grooming tips from professionals.

Professional Grooming Courses:

If you really want to learn how to clean your dog yourself, you might want to take a professional grooming course. You can find a lot of them online, so you can learn at your own pace.

In the News: Dogs and the Teddy Bear Cut

The teddy bear cut for dogs is still becoming more popular. Dog owners all over the world choose this style because it looks good and works well. Here is a list of current news stories about the teddy bear dog haircut:

“The Rise of the Teddy Bear Dog Haircut”: This article talks about how the teddy bear dog cut is becoming more popular among dog owners and professional groomers. It also talks about some possible reasons for this, such as the cut’s cute look and ease of maintenance.

“Celebrity Dogs and the Teddy Bear Cut”: This article shows some famous dogs that have been given the teddy bear dog haircut. It’s clear that this style is popular not only with regular pet owners but also in Hollywood.

“Is the Teddy Bear Cut Forever or Just a Trend?” This piece makes you think about whether the teddy bear cut for dogs is just a passing trend or something that will last. The author says that this style will likely stay popular for a long time because it has so many benefits.

The History of the Teddy Bear Dog Haircut

People like the teddy bear dog cut right now, but it’s been around for a long time. The name comes from the fact that it can make almost any dog look like a cuddly teddy bear toy.

The teddy bear cut was first popular with breeds like the Shih Tzu and the Bichon Frise because their naturally curly and soft fur looked great with this style. But over the years, it has been changed to fit a wide range of breeds with different types of coats.

The teddy bear dog cut is becoming more and more popular for several reasons. One important reason is that it looks so cute. The cut gives dogs a young, playful look that many pet owners love.

The practical benefits of this haircut have also helped it become popular. The teddy bear cut is a short style that helps keep dogs cool in warmer climates and requires less maintenance than longer styles, making it a good choice for busy pet owners.

Famous dogs with Teddy Bear cuts

Many famous dogs have worn the teddy bear cut over the years, which has made it even more popular. Here are a few examples:

Boo, The World’s Cutest Dog:

Boo was a Pomeranian who became famous on the internet because of his unique teddy bear cut. He had over 16 million Facebook fans and even his book and line of toy animals.

Buddy, The ‘Dog with a Blog’: 

Buddy, a mixed-breed dog, was the star of the Disney Channel show “Dog with a Blog.” His teddy bear cut made him a fan favorite right away.

Britain’s Got Talent Winner Pudsey: 

Pudsey, a mix of a Border Collie, a Bichon Frise, and a Chinese Crested, won the show in 2012. His teddy bear cut made him more appealing, and it helped him win over the judges and the public.

cute teddy bear dog cut

The Future of the Teddy Bear Haircut for Dogs

As we look to the future, it seems likely that the teddy bear cut dog will continue to be a popular choice among dog owners. Its mix of good looks and useful features makes it a style that can work for a lot of different dog breeds and lifestyles.

But, like any trend, the teddy bear cut might become less popular over time as new styles come out. One thing is for sure, though: our dogs will always have a special place in our hearts, no matter what haircut they wear.

Teddy Bear Dog Cut: A Summary

We looked at the teddy bear Dog Cut from many different points of view in this detailed guide. We went through some common myths, showed how dogs’ hair can change in real life, talked about how to care for your dog’s fur after getting one, and suggested more reading for people wanting to learn more about this style.

We’re done with our in-depth look at the teddy bear dog cut. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a Teddy Bear cut? Can all dogs get this haircut?

The teddy bear cut can be changed to fit most dog breeds, but the result may be different based on the type of breed and how it grows. For the best results, talk to a professional groomer.

2. How often should I brush my dog after giving him a Teddy Bear cut?

To keep the teddy bear look, brush your dog at least once a week, bathe them once a month, and get their hair cut every 6 to 8 weeks.

3. Does the Teddy Bear cut work well in warm places?

Yes, the teddy bear cut is short, which helps dogs stay cool in hot weather. However, keep in mind that dogs can still get sunburned, so make sure they have shade and stay out of direct sunlight during the middle of the day.

4. Does the dog feel any pain from the Teddy Bear cut?

If it is done right, the teddy bear cut shouldn’t hurt the dog. To avoid any problems, always make sure a trained professional does the haircut.

5. What should I do if my dog doesn’t like being brushed?

If your dog doesn’t like being groomed, try to make the process as comfortable and stress-free as possible and also give him some treats. If your dog keeps showing signs of distress, talk to your vet or a professional groomer for advice.

6. How can I keep my dog’s hair healthy after getting a Teddy Bear cut?

A healthy diet and regular grooming are important for keeping the coat healthy. Brushing the fur helps the natural oils spread through it, bathing removes dirt and dead hair, and a healthy well-balanced diet is good for general health.


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