Whole Foods St Pete: A Guide to the New Grocery Store in Town


As the vibrant city of St. Petersburg continues to flourish. Residents and visitors alike are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Whole Foods Market. This highly anticipated grocery store is set to open its doors in 2024. Bringing a wide array of organic and natural products to the heart of St. Pete. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the exciting developments surrounding the Whole Foods St. Pete store. Including its location, construction progress, and the positive impact it will have on the community. Join us as we delve into the details of this health-conscious haven in the Sunshine City.

The Journey Begins: Construction and Location

The journey towards the opening of Whole Foods St. Pete began with the transformation of a corner lot at 201 38th Ave. N. Previously home to the Sunshine Plaza strip mall, the site was demolished in December 2021 to make way for the new development. Local development partners J Square Developers and Atlanta-ba

sed SJC Ventures spearheaded the project, with a vision to create a modern and inviting space for Whole Foods.

The strategic location of the store is a key factor in its appeal.

Situated along 38th Avenue N., the Whole Foods St. Pete store will offer convenient access for residents and visitors alike. With ample parking spaces available both in front of and behind the building, customers can easily navigate the store without the hassle of searching for parking. Additionally, offsite parking will be provided for employees, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for all.

Whole Foods St Pete

Interior Buildout: A Closer Look

While the exterior buildout of Whole Foods St. Pete is complete, the interior construction is now underway. The J Square team, led by owner Jay Miller, has diligently met the strict conditions outlined in the lease agreement. Whole Foods has accepted the condition of the building, paving the way for their contractors to begin the interior buildout. However, eager customers will have to exercise patience, as the store is not set to open until 2024.

The interior space of Whole Foods St. Pete holds great promise. With a spacious layout designed to accommodate a wide range of products, customers can expect to find everything from fresh produce and pantry staples to specialty items and prepared foods. The store will feature multiple access points along 38th Avenue N., making it easily accessible from various directions.

Supporting the Community: Whole Foods’ Impact

The arrival of Whole Foods in St. Pete is not only a cause for excitement among health-conscious shoppers, but also a significant boost for the local economy. The store will create job opportunities for residents, contributing to the overall growth and prosperity of the community. Additionally, Whole Foods’ commitment to sourcing local and sustainable products will provide a platform for local farmers and producers to showcase their goods.

Whole Foods St. Pete is more than just a grocery store—it is a community hub. The store will serve as a gathering place for like-minded individuals who prioritize healthy living and sustainable practices. With a focus on education and community engagement, Whole Foods plans to host workshops, cooking demonstrations, and other events to empower customers to make informed decisions about their food choices.

Exciting Developments: New Businesses Coming to Tampa Bay

While Whole Foods St. Pete is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated openings in the area, it is not the only exciting development in Tampa Bay. The region is experiencing a wave of new businesses and ventures that are set to enhance the local landscape. Here are just a few notable additions coming soon to Tampa Bay:

Citadel: A Financial Powerhouse

One of the upcoming additions to Tampa Bay is Citadel, a prominent hedge fund that will occupy the sixth floor of the Thousand and One tower at 1001 Water St. in downtown Tampa. While the exact opening date has not yet been announced, the presence of Citadel is expected to contribute to the city’s growing reputation as a financial hub.

Nestle: Embracing Change

Nestle, a well-known multinational food and beverage company, is in the process of downsizing its Tampa office and moving to a new location at Midtown West. While the opening date for the new office has not yet been announced, this move highlights Nestle’s commitment to adaptability and embracing change in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Tampa Convention Center: Elevating Event Spaces

The Tampa Convention Center is undergoing exciting upgrades, including the addition of 18 new waterfront meeting rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows. These enhancements will provide event organizers and attendees with stunning views of the city’s skyline and waterfront. The opening of the upgraded convention center is slated for 2023.

The Sound: A Melodic Oasis

Clearwater’s Coachman Park will soon be home to The Sound, a new outdoor waterfront concert space. Set to open in the summer of 2023, this venue will offer music lovers a unique and picturesque setting to enjoy live performances. The Sound is poised to become a cultural hotspot, attracting both locals and tourists alike.

Olivia: Italian Delights in St. Petersburg

Downtown St. Petersburg will welcome Olivia, a modern Italian restaurant offering a delectable menu of dishes, including their renowned squid ink pasta. With an anticipated opening in 2023. Olivia will bring a touch of culinary elegance to the bustling food scene in the Burg.

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The Salty: A Donut Delight

The Salty, a legendary donut spot, is expanding its reach to Tampa Bay with storefronts in Hyde Park Village and Seminole Heights. The exact opening dates for these locations have not yet been announced. But donut enthusiasts can look forward to indulging in the Salty’s mouthwatering creations in the near future.

Perry’s Porch: Scenic Dining on the Pier

Located at 600 2nd Ave. NE in St. Petersburg, Perry’s Porch is set to open in the summer of 2023. This waterfront eatery will offer breathtaking views of the scenic St. Pete Pier, making it the perfect destination for a memorable dining experience.

Plant Love Ice Cream: A Vegan Delight

Gulfport residents and visitors will soon have a new spot to satisfy their sweet tooth with the opening of Plant Love Ice Cream’s second St. Pete location. This vegan creamery will offer a variety of delicious and guilt-free ice cream flavors. Catering to both vegans and ice cream enthusiasts alike.

Predalina: Mediterranean Magic

Predalina, a Mediterranean restaurant, is set to open its doors at 1001 E. Cumberland Ave. in Tampa. With an anticipated opening in the summer of 2023, Predalina aims to delight customers with its authentic Mediterranean flavors and warm hospitality.

Tampa Pickleball Crew: Unleashing the Pickleball Craze

Ybor City will soon be home to the Tampa Pickleball Crew, a pickleball haven set to open in the spring of 2023. This 28,000-square-foot warehouse will be transformed into a state-of-the-art pickleball facility, catering to both casual players and enthusiasts alike.

St. Pete Athletic: A Paradise for Pickleball Enthusiasts

St. Pete Athletic

Pickleball lovers in St. Petersburg can look forward to the opening of St. Pete Athletic, a pickleball club located at the intersection of Burlington Ave. and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. This expansive facility will house nine indoor courts. A food court, and various amenities, offering a comprehensive pickleball experience.

St. Pete Strength Center: Powering Up in St. Petersburg

The former location of Anytime Fitness in Downtown St. Pete is being transformed into the St. Pete Strength Center. With an opening slated for March, this fitness center will provide a dedicated space for individuals to pursue their fitness goals and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Aldi: Expanding Grocery Options

St. Petersburg residents will soon have another Aldi location to shop at. With a new store opening at 6765 22nd Ave. N. The exact opening date for this Aldi location has not yet been announced. But it is expected to provide residents with even more convenient grocery shopping options.

Whole Foods: A Healthy Haven

Last but certainly not least, Whole Foods St. Pete will soon grace the city with its presence. As mentioned earlier, this highly anticipated grocery store will offer a wide range of organic and natural products. Providing customers with the opportunity to make health-conscious choices.

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The opening of Whole Foods St. Pete marks an exciting milestone for the city of St. Petersburg. With its commitment to providing high-quality organic and natural products, Whole Foods is set to become a beloved destination for health-conscious individuals in the Sunshine City. As construction progresses and the interior buildout takes shape, residents and visitors eagerly anticipate the opening of this health-conscious haven. In the meantime, Tampa Bay continues to thrive with a host of new businesses and ventures on the horizon. From restaurants and retail spaces to recreational facilities and community spaces, the region is poised for growth and innovation. As the city evolves, Whole Foods St. Pete and these new developments will undoubtedly contribute to the vibrant and thriving landscape of Tampa Bay.

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